Collection: Tallow Collection

What is Tallow? Tallow is simply rendered beef fat. The rendering process cooks the raw fat, and turns it into a hot liquid, which then becomes solid at room temperature. The highest quality beef tallow comes from the fat around the kidneys as it has the highest nutritional content that grass fed & finished beef fat contains.  

Benefits of Using Tallow Topically? Grass fed and grass finished beef tallow is full of natural vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E & K) and essential fatty acids that are helpful to your skin and can aid in managing acne, rashes, stretch marks, scars, dry/chapped skin, cracked heels, sunburns, lip moisturizer, deep conditioning treatment for the ends of your hair, the list goes on. It has the highest beneficial nutrient content, helping your skin repair itself and also help prevent any damage to your skin, helping your skin stay healthy and strong. Many of the nutrients found in grass fed grass finished beef tallow help promote youthful skin by providing what we naturally lose as we age and has been used for centuries.