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Tallow Ink Aftercare

Tallow Ink Aftercare

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Our Tallow Ink Aftercare is completely natural & petroleum free. It works like a tattoo ointment or salve but lasts longer & is extremely hydrating. We chose to use emu oil for our Tallow Ink Aftercare because of the many benefits that come with using it topically: 

  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • will not irritate even the most sensitive skin
  • does not clog pores, goes on light, and absorbs immediately
  • hydrates and super-oxygenates to help hold moisture
  • relieves itching and inflammation
  • calms redness
  • hastens healing and reduces scarring


ingredients: 100% grass fed + finished organic beef tallow, organic shea butter infused with organic aloe vera gel, 100% natural pure emu oil 

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