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Magnesium Deodorant

Magnesium Deodorant

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100% non-toxic deodorant that actually WORKS! Our magnesium based deodorant is customizable to whatever your signature scent is or chose from one of our Favorites list. Check out our essential oil list to create your new favorite deodorant.

Comes in a 1oz glass rollerball bottle

If choosing the Custom Blend option, go to "Your Cart" & add the essential oils you'd like in the "Order Special Instructions" box. 

Some of our Favorite Blends:

Lemon + Eucalyptus - eucalyptus is great at neutralizing BO so we recommend this for those extra strong pits! 
Lavender + Lemon
- the perfect blend of floral + citrus
Peppermint + Vanilla - minty fresh + sweet
Creamsicle - sweet orange + vanilla
Lavender + Vanilla - a best seller!
 Lavender, Lime + Vanilla - just trust me on this one, you'll love it! 
The Gardener - basil, rose geranium + a hint of lime
Sandalwood + Vanilla - warm, woodsy, earthy aroma
Bergamot + Grapefruit - floral, citrusy, crisp, sweet 
Cedarwood + Patchouli
- earthy, warm, slightly sweet
Lemongrass + Tea Tree
- sharp, fresh, herbal
NW Woods - a blend of birch, black spruce, douglas fir + sandalwood. a favorite combo for men
Sunshine - a blend of grapefruit, bergamot + ylang ylang makes a sweet + fruity combo, perfect for summertime
Happy Hippy - the perfect blend of bergamot, patchouli, ylang ylang



ingredients: magnesium hydroxide, purified water, organic jojoba oil, 100% therapeutic grade essential oil(s) 

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